Welcome To The N.I Steel 

NI Steel Co., ltd is specialized in rental and selling steel products for construction site.
   We have a lot of H-beams for retaining wall and serve rental, selling and buying business on steel products
   including new and used one.
   Please call us and we will provide you the best price.
   Contact : General Manager Young Dae, Hur (+82-2-758-6775 / +82-10-3706-2713)
   Especially, we rent Prefabricated High-strength H-beams nowadays.
   It will lower total costs of construction than traditional retaining wall system.
   Prefabricated High-strength H-beam system has no on-site welding procedure, but is done with joining each other
   with high-tension bolt, because it is prepared various length with proper positioning holes as ready-made H-Beam.
   We are ready for suggesting a reasonable rental price.
   Advantage of using Prefabricated High-strength H-beam
   ▷ Reduce costs of construction about 30%
   ▷ Accidental risk can be reduced about 50%
   ▷ Shorten the construction period about 20%
   ▷ Welding operation on shop can provide “ZERO” faulty product
   ▷ Excellent corrosion resistance of anti-rust coating
   ▷ Proper supply, large quantity demand can be acceptable
   ▷ Design service of a retaining wall system