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● New Form and High Strength
Varied flange and WEB width to reduce weight and achieve sectional efficiency.
Developed in the close-shaped form in compliance with the portal structural system.
High strength such as SN490 and SPA-H were applied.
● Economical efficiency through member decrease
Cold-formed flange with 6T, set WEB as 4.5T to control WEB height, minimized member weight and maximized the rigidity.
● Environment-friendly material
Minimized work on-site to minimize construction wastes and to make recycle possible
● Reduction in field erection time and constructability
Minimized joint parts and applied end-plate for easy joint.
Used only bolts and the construction became easy and precise.
● Credible quality
Obtained credibility by 100% automated production line.
Acquired structural stability through the structural calculation program.