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● Uniform Material Quality and High Section Modulus
Raw material of sheet piling, hot rolled steel coil made by POSCO is used. Sheet Piling produced by Cold Roll Forming Line has uniform material quality(Tensile Strength : more than 450N/mm2, Yield Point : more than 345N/mm2) and high modulus of section.
● Easy Construction Work with Simple Equipments
Easy construction work is possible with simple equipments and minimum manpower because sheet Piling has higher hardness, lighter weight and longer width. And also corner section will be separately supported according to work site.
● Economical Efficiency
Easy construction work can improve working efficiency due to high section Modulus. For example, in case of vertical trench shoring, it is possible to save the construction cost as well as to reduce the estimated budget. Also sheet Piling can be used over again for temporary facilities.
● Resistance of Sea Water
During reclamation, shore line protection, and beach deck protection, N.I Steel can choose to use materials which can resist sea water