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 U-RIB(Vertical Rib) for sship, sivil and construction, sea structure, and bridge that is need for long and limited heigh.
● Stable Configuaration
U-RIB is manufactured by Cold Rolled Forming Line and has stable configuration. Cut-length of U-RIB is customer's option.
● Economical Efficiency
Due to high hardness and weldness. It is easy to instal and reduce weight of Deck Plate.
● Material Uniformity
The uniformed material(HOT ROLLED COIL JIS 3101,3106) is supplyed by POSCO.
● Mass-Production
Mass-Production is possible. Because U-RIB is manufacture by Cold Rolled Forming Line.
● Others
External apperance of U-RIB is graceful.
Because U-RIB has good load distribution ability.
Between U-RIB and U-RIB under the Deck Plate can be make more wide.